Tianli Zeng (professor)

曾老师 Prof.Zeng photo

Professor Tianli Zeng graduated in Centre Conservatory in Beijing, Now she teaches at the Communication University of China, Beijing. She has served as branch director of the Chinese Higher Music Education Association Beijing; she has served in the Ministry of Education and has received the “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award.” She has been associated with the international broadcast music program Grand Jury and the CCTV national instrumental Grand Jury. She has won the China Radio and Television Association IV Annual prize. She is currently a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, vice president for the support of Chinese Musicians Association, and is affiliated with the Society of Chinese Modernization, the Chinese Music Aesthetics Association, the China Radio and Television Association, and the China Television Music Society. Professor Zeng worked in radio and television and has been associated with the following broadcasts: “Music Appreciation,” “Youth Music Appreciation,” “Know How to Read Music,” “Children’s Piano Lecture,” and “How Children Live Piano Music.” She has been music producer in TV series “Sister City Tour,” and “Journey of Love.”

Professor Zeng attaches great importance to the spread of Chinese traditional culture and music, and she holds concerts and cultural gatherings regularly in pursuit of this goal.