22nd International Chamber Music & Art Camp Festival 2019 FEES
第 22 届国际室内乐艺术节 意大利 费用

June 29 – July 6, 8 days Sorrento, Positano, Pompei, Vesuvio, Capri , Amalfi, Ravello
ICMC  2019  意大利 费用
6 月 29 日- 7 月 6 日, 共 8 天 苏莲托,波色太浓, 庞贝, 维苏威火山,卡普里岛,
June 29 – July 6 ICMC Italy 8 days ICMC 6 月 29 日- 7 月 6 日, 共 8 天

Registration Fee 报名费= 400. euro
ICMC Fee: ICMC 费 = 1,550. euro (Registration Fee is not include,(ICMC 费不包括报名费)

The Fee includes:  8 days Room (2 people /room, single room needs to add 60.euro /day);  two meals/day;  ICMC bus from airport ( If come alone, need to be two people and more,  must have reservation with ICMC direction 10 days before arrival);  Sightseeing  tours to Sorrento, Positano. Pompei, Vesuvio, Isola di Capri,Amalfi, Ravello;   Chamber music ensemble, sketching ;   ICMC concerts and exhibition.
费用包括:8 天 住宿(2 人一间,如需要单人一间需加 60 欧元/ 每天); 一天两餐,早餐加午餐或晚餐;
ICMC 接机(需两人以上,需提前 10 天前和 ICMC 联系到达信息);游览庞贝,苏莲托,波色太浓, 卡普里,阿玛菲,拉维罗; 大师班,排练指导,音乐会或展览。

The Fee not includes: – Airplane tickets from home and back. – Apply to enter Europe Visa fee, – The guide and museum tickets not from ICMC program – Soft drink and vine in the restaurant. – Travel insurance.
费用不包括:国际机票;申请游欧签证费;游览凡非 ICMC 组织的项目;用餐时除饮水之外的酒等饮料;旅游保险。

* Registration fee is non-refundable. 报名费不予退还
* April 15, 2019 is Deadline for ICMC registration fee!报名和报名费期限:2019 年 4 月 15 日
• A late fee of 50 euro will be charged after the deadline. 超过缴纳报名期限需多交 50 欧元 逾期费
•* May 1, 2019 is Deadline for all ICMC fees!ICMC 费期限:2019 年 5 月 1 日
• A late fee of 100 euro will be charged after the deadline. 超过缴纳 ICMC 全费期限需多交 100 欧元逾期费

* Late registrations will be considered. 超过报名期限仍可与 ICMC 联系参加事项

* All payments have to be made with bank to bank transfer. Please contact ICMC direction for Bank info before to wire your fees.

*付款必须由银行汇款,请与 ICMC 联系银行汇款信息

*Sorry, credit cards or checkes are not acceptable.
• 抱歉,费用不可用信用卡和银行支票支付