Eileen Huang (piano)

Eileen Huang (China/USA/Italy )

Eileen Huang, the founder and director of ICMC in Positano, Italy and Shanghai since 1998, was born in Chongqing, China.
She began her piano studies at age 6. At the age of eleven, she won the National Young Musicians Performance Competition and that year was admitted to the Central Conservatory in Beijing from where she graduated in 1966. Like many other Chinese musicians, her career was put on hold for 7 years during the Cultural Revolution.

She immigrated to San Francisco in 1979 and received the Master of Fine Arts Degree from Mills College in Oakland, California in 1982 and was honored with the Flora Boyd Memorial Award for Best Piano Performance. At Mills her mentor was Bernard Albramowitsch. She also studied in France, Portugal and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg under
Helena Costa, whose mentors included Alfred Cortot and Edwin Fischer.

Since 1990, Eileen has been living in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.
She has taught Master classes and given Piano Recital: “ East meets West “ “ Piano on Silk Road” “Chopin and China” “Golden Autumn Melody”, ” Shunza and Mom’s Silk Trio Concert” in the United States, Asia and Europe. She was also a guest artist to perform on her pop singer star Shunza’s concerts in China and Taiwan.

She has recorded and produced numerous CDs of Chinese piano works and European classical music including: “Ancient and Modern Chinese Music Volume I, Volume II ”, “Chinese Piano Concertos”, “24 Chinese Folk Songs”, “Longing”, “Flowing Through Time”, “Beethoven Sonata and Chinese Music”, “Venezia e Napoli”, and “Bach-Busoni, Ravel and 22 Chinese Folk Songs.” Her works have been distributed by Wind Record Company and Wind Song, Ltd. Taiwan, ASV Ltd. London, Divox of Basel, Switzerland and Disques Dom of Paris.

She is also a Tai-Chi teacher and the author of several books in Chinese: “Flowing -Chinese Gypsy Woman” ( 1999), “Struggle –How to Build Happiness”( 2001), “19 Letters from Positano”(2004), “My Homes”(2006), “My Corner of Paradise-Positano.”(2008) and “I am Shunza’s Mom – Eileen from Beijing to Positano”(2012).

She currently resides in Positano and Paris.

黃愛蓮 Eileen Huang





ICMC ( International Chamber Music Courses & Festival ) 。 2007年夏她又走回祖国,开办了第一届ICMC上海。2011 ICMC 扩展到法国都瓦城堡和巴黎,2015 ICMC 又增加了在意大利东部和西部海岸的音乐会。

黃愛蓮演奏錄製中外鋼琴曲CD:“中国古曲现代曲 第一集,第二集” “中国钢琴协奏曲锦” “相望” “短诉” “流水” “贝多芬奏鸣曲 和中国钢琴曲” “威尼斯和那波里” “ 巴哈, 布卓尼, 拉威尔 和 二十二首中国民歌钢琴曲”。

黃愛蓮並熱衷寫作: 1999年出版《漂–中國吉普賽女人》、2001年出版《闖–快樂是怎樣築成的》,2004年出版《思念的羽翼–來自波色太濃的19封信》, 2006年出版《我的家們》2008年出版《樂在天堂的一角– 波色太濃》,2012年出版《我是“顺妈”- 黄爱莲从北京到波色太浓》 。

活躍於美國、亞洲和歐洲,出任比賽評審,喜歡教打太極拳。舉辦专题音樂會:“东方与西方” “钢琴走丝绸之路” “肖邦和中国“”金秋旋律”,“读书音乐会”,“顺子和顺妈的丝三重奏音乐会“ 等,在流行歌手女儿顺子音樂會出任嘉宾演奏钢琴。



– A Pianist without Frontier – Una Pianista sanza Fountiers

Music by: J.S.Bach L.Beethoven A.Babadjanian F.Chopin F.Liszt A.Mozart M.Ravel S.Rachmaninoff D.Scarlatti R.Schumann and Chinese Piano music

Pianist Eileen Huang ( China/USA/Italy/France)

I was born in China and began to play the Piano when I was age 6. I went to the Central Conservatory in Beijing when I was 11. In 1979 I left China to go to San Francisco. I love European culture and lived in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, teaching Piano, Taiqichuan , playing concerts and recording numerous CDs. I also like to write, have published several books in Chinese. I established ICMC “ International Chamber Music Camp and Festival” in Positano, Italy 1998 until now. I live in Positano and Paris. I dream of giving more performances of European classical and Chinese Piano music. For the East and West cultural exchange, for our world peace!

I welcome you and hope you enjoy A MUSIC NIGHTwith me!

Eileen Huang 黄爱莲 www.icmcfestival.com eileenhuang4@gmail.com


Pianist – Eileen Huang – China/USA/Italy/France

– Programme* –

J.S Bach Preludes in C Major, in c Minor, in #c Major

L.Beethoven Sonata in #c Minor “Moon Night” I movt

Sonata in c Minor “Pathétique” II movt

Sonata in C major “Waldstein” III movt

J.Brahms Intermezzo in bE Major Op.117

A.Babadjanyan Melody, Prelude, Dance of Vagharshabad

F.Chopin Etudes in bA Major Op.25-1, in a minorOp.25.13, in c Minor Op.25.14

Nocturnes in #c minor Opus post, in c minor Op.48-1, in bD Major Op.27-2

Waltz in #c minor Op.64-2, in bA Major Op.42, in e Minor Opus post

Polonaise in bA Major Op.53 Maestoso

Grand Polonaise Brillante in G Major Op. 22 Andante Spianato, Polonaise

F.Liszt “Gondoliera”, “Tarantella”

R.Schumann-F.Liszt “ Widmung” (Dedication)

G.Rossini-F.Liszt La Danza (Napolitan Tarantella)

A.Mozart Variation “ Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman”

M.Ravel Sonatina Modéré, Mouv’ de Menuet, Animé

D.Scarlatti Sonata in C major K 514 Allegro, Sonata in F major Longo 187 Andante Cantabile Sonata in bB major Longo 498 Allegro, Sonata in G major Longo 232 Allegro, Sonata in E major Andante, Sonata in C Major Longo104 Allegro, Sonata in E Major Longo 23 Andante comodo

F.Schubert Impromptu in bE Major Op.90-2 Allegro

R.Schumann Reverie

S.Rachmaninov Preludes in D Major Op.23-4, in g Minor Op.23-5

Chinese Piano Music: 中国钢琴曲

arr. Li Yin Hai 编曲黎英海 Spring River Flower Moon Night 春江花月夜 ( Sung Dynasty 960-1279 宋朝)

arr. Wang Jing-Zhong编曲王建中 Three Stanzas of Plum-Blossoms 梅花三弄 (Jin Dynasty 265-420 晋朝)

Nier Er/Wang Jin Zhong 作曲聂耳编曲王建中 Rainbow Clouds Chasing the Moon 彩云追月

arr. Chen Pei Xun 编曲陈培勋 Autumn Moon Mirrored on the lake 平湖秋月 arr. Wang Jing-Zhong编曲王建中 100 Birds Singing in Homage to the Phoenix 百鸟朝凤

arr. Chu Wang Hua 作曲储望华 The MoonReglection Over The Second Spring 二泉映月

Din Shan De作曲丁善德 Children Suite “ Happy Holidays” 儿童组曲“快乐的节日” 1 Go Outdoors 郊外去 2 Catching Butterflies 扑蝴蝶 3 Jump Rope 跳绳 4 Holiday’s Dance 节日午

Du Min Xin 作曲杜鸣心 Chinese Ballet “Mermai” 芭蕾舞剧“鱼美人”选曲1 Gin Sing Dance人参舞2 Coral Dance 珊瑚舞3 Seaweed Dance水草舞4Wedding GroupDance婚礼群舞

arr. Guo Zhi Hong 编曲郭志鸿 Two Yili Folk Songs ( XinJiang) 新疆民歌两首 1, The Girl with Black Eyes 黑眼睛的姑娘 2, Olten River 奥尔顿江

Five Yunan Folk Songs 云南民歌四首 1 The best beauty 比谁都美丽 2 Night Forest 夜林 3 Blooming 榛子开花 4 Spring Dance 春舞

arr. Chu Wang Hua储望华 Shanxi Folk Song Xio Jin Bian 陕西民歌绣金匾

He Lu Din 作曲贺渌叮 Buffalo Boy’s Flute 牧童短笛

arr.Qu Wei 编曲瞿维 Flower Drum 花鼓

Zhu Jian Er 作曲朱践耳 Flowing 流水

And more…….

** Every A Music Night perform part of the variety program.